While Shift by Design assist home sellers prepare their home for sale to achieve the best selling price and less time on the market, we can also assist home owners who wish to stay in their home by creating that perfect space.

Staged to stay is service Shift by Design offers to tailor your home to your liking. We tend to live in houses for sometime and often live with features, styles and looks that we are not completely happy with. But for some reason, the longer we stay the less likely we are to see the opportunity that exists in the property.

Our consultant will visit your home and review your wish list and discuss your desires then work with you to achieve the style you want within your budget. Whether it be a change in paint colour, new furnishings or even artwork choices, Shift by Design can create the look you want. This investment in your property increases the value of your home should you decide to sell, you are greater prepared should you decide to go to market and you also get the benefit of having lived with the changes prior to selling.

Our portfolio below shows the level of difference that can be achieved by seeing the opportunities in properties and working with the client to achieve their desired outcome.

Kerry of Sandy Bay bought in Shift by Design after we assisted prepare her last property for sale. She wanted a place for her and her daughters to feel comfortable and at home, but with that extra something that helps personalise a property. The new home was older and Kerry wanted to bring in a bit of the new while at the same time paying respect to the beautiful features within the property. There was to be as little renovation as possible therefore keeping true to the exisiting home. Colours, furniture and window dressings were addressed as well as artwork and general layout:

Using Shift by design to help sell our old home opened my eyes to the possibility that the next home I lived in could be beautiful and functional. It gave me the confidence to realise that I could achieve this same impressive style in my new home. When I bought it was very ‘country cottage’ which was lovely but not the style I was looking for. I knew that Shift by Design would be able to see past the current style to help me create something special with more of a modern funky edge. 

I had a set painting and furniture budget and we were able to work within these constraints on painting and small and large furniture and accessories. Some of the big ticket items took a larger chunk of the budget but we were able to get the look we wanted using less expensive items in some of the accessories. 

Shift by Design were fantastic to work with and I have recommended them to so many of my friends. The whole experience was fantastic.

At the end of the whole project I have a home which is both comfortable and stylish. When they sent me a disc of the before and after shots of each room I could not believe the difference we had achieved. I am very happy, thanks!



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